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Legit Health gives dermatologists a software program for patient management with cutaneous artificial intelligence and skin follow-up and diagnosis technology.

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Legit Health is the digital health medical device helping dermatologists by introducing detailed and objective follow-up in the process of skin diagnosis and automatic image assessment and scoring.

Legit Health and Xiao Mi partnership
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Legit Health and Xiaomi partner to fight melanoma with the Mi Note 10

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Indeed, the Chinese giant has become technological partner of one of the most important entities for the fight against skin cancer, Legit Health. This partnership, with the support of My Notes 10 help two hospitals in the Basque country in order to speed up the diagnosis.

139 pathology detection

Our wide range of clinically developed algorithms can classify 139 skin pathologies. Within the 139 pathologies, Legit has focused on perfecting the detection of 7 pathologies, achieving the following results:

  • Acne  94% Sensitivity
  • Psoriasis  92% Sensitivity
  • Dermatitis  81% Sensitivity
  • Rosacea  94% Sensitivity
  • Keratosis  92% Sensitivity
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma  90% Sensitivity
  • Melanoma  90% Sensitivity
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Automatically grades the disease in less than 30 seconds

Legit Health’s algorithms automatically grade each case just by looking at images and small cues from patients. In other words: the tool automatically fills-in most of the medical grading systems, such as:

  • UAS7 for urticaria
  • PASI for psoriasis
  • DASI for dermatitis
  • SCORAD for atopic dermatitis
  • BSA for psoriasis
  • DLQI for life quality
  • Sartorius for hidradenitis
  • + 13 score systems

Legit Health Diagnosis

Stronger validity, higher reliability, and better responsiveness

Legit Health’s program characterizes lesions using validated scoring systems that have the highest validity, reliability, sensitivity to change, minimal important difference (MID) and smallest detectable change (SDC).

Furthermore, our algorithms provide additional data with comparable clinimetric properties and higher sensitivity to change and MIDs, thanks to the intrinsic functioning of computer vision algorithms.

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Improve clinical workflow

Legit helps patients and doctors optimize the available time within a consultation, since dermatologists can work with the predicted diagnosis data, and spend more time on ensuring that the patient understands the implications of their disease and the importance of treatment adherence.

It grants patients and doctors the ability to track changes in skin lesions that are often gradual and subtle and correlate different symptoms in order to identify triggers or evaluate the performance of treatment. This way, patients get a more detailed understanding of symptoms, changes, treatment effectiveness, and potential triggers.

Also available a Dermatology API

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