Skin Health care powered by Artificial Intelligence

Focus on your patient
Legit does the rest

Legit gives health professionals a platform for patient management that includes lifesaving artificial intelligence diagnosis and follow-up technology. LEGIT helps you stop wasting time on administrative tasks and documentation.

Save time, save money

Save 5-10 minutes per patient in documentation time. Resulting in a minimum of 2.5 hours of charting time saved daily.

Fit for any size clinic or hospital. Flexible pricing plans and bundles will save your practice both time and money.


Artificial intelligence diagnosis

LEGIT combines advanced skin mapping analysis with user data to allow a more complete evaluation and a more certain risk-of-malignancy evaluation of every lesion. Powered by computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

Multiple skin pathologies

The first software with multiple pathologies diagnostic. LEGIT enables the best artificial intelligence technology to offer health professionals a way of managing more patients with less effort while increasing patient safety, with high-level customization and a sensibility of 90%.

The best intelligent dermatology software clinically validated for the analysis of skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, acne, and others, including skin cancer.

legit dermatology

One app to replace them all

No more switching between apps and softwares. Get access to real-time data visualization for diagnosis, patient trends, patient clinical data, team tasks, case assignation and more.

Integrated with other solutions

Never lose your patient data. We offer simplified integration services to ease the transition.

LEGIT allows professionals to maintain access to existing patient and clinical data in a new, accessible platform that offers an improved practice management system.

Improve clinical workflow

LEGIT provides a centralized hub overseeing and offers intelligence features designed to improve management tasks. Clinical workflow is improved through the identification and management of cases requiring immediate attention.

Transform your practice with the world’s #1 AI-CRM

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