The new dermatology artificial intelligence life-hack for doctors

Legit Health Diagnosis

Amaze patients without lifting a finger, with the new dermatology artificial intelligence that automatically scores pathologies.

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The new dermatology artificial intelligence life-hack for doctors
The new dermatology artificial intelligence life-hack for doctors
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Our pathologies

Skin cancer

93.10% Accuracy

The cutaneous diagnosis technology detects Melanoma and NMSC with both clinical and dermoscopic images.


91.80% Accuracy

Automatically perform the monitoring of psoriasis with PASI and DLQI measures with artificial intelligence.


93.30% Accuracy

Perform an automatic acné lesion counting and allow patients to report on the pathology remotely from their mobile phones.

+139 pathologies

Diagnose and follow-up of Hidradenitis suppurativa, Hives (urticaria), Keratoacanthoma, Nail psoriasis, Rosacea, Solar lentigo, Vitiligo, and many more visible pathologies

Grade pathologies without lifting a finger

Legit.Health algorithms automatically grade lesions just by looking at images and small patient reported outcome measures (PROMs). In other words: the tool automatically fills-in most of the medical grading systems, such as: PASI, SCORAD, UAS, GAGS, and many more dermatology scoring systems.

automatic medical scoring systems UAS7 Automagic PASI DLQI BSA
atopic dermatitis evolution with artificial intelligence

Now you can use computer vision technology to automatically calculate every scoring system. Thanks to Legit Health, your UAS and PASI sheets will be filled-in by algorithms.This way, you will take advantage of algorithms that quantify erythema, induration, surface, and many more visual cues automatically, without lifting a finger.

dermatology artificial intelligence
The new dermatology artificial intelligence life-hack for doctors

139 pathology detection

This new clinically developed dermatology artificial intelligence will help you document 139 skin pathologies.

Thanks to the dermatology artificial intelligence, every day more and more doctors are quickly and remotely diagnosing, monitoring and treating patients.

The new dermatology artificial intelligence life-hack for doctors
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Stronger validity, higher reliability, and better responsiveness

Legit Health’s program characterises lesions using validated scoring systems that have the highest validity, reliability, sensitivity to change, minimal important difference (MID) and smallest detectable change (SDC).

Furthermore, the algorithms provide additional data with comparable clinimetric properties and higher sensitivity to change and MIDs, thanks to the intrinsic functioning of computer vision algorithms.