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Legit.Health and AEDV

2021, a great year for Legit.Health

2021 has been a pivotal year for Legit.Health. The company has grown tremendously out of its humble origins, adding to its roster talented and committed professionals that have put their all to make the next chapter of dermatology possible. 

We have been rewarded and recognized for our work by several prestigious medical and business organizations, proving that the faith we put in a modern, value based, medicine is shared by many.

But most importantly, we have reached many more medical centres, and thus patients, all over Europe, allowing us to not only take part in numerous groundbreaking clinical trials, but to help doctors help their patients. 

A year of recognition

One of the main highlights of this year would be the recognition given to us by several medical organizations. 

The Spanish Dermatology and Venereology Academy (AEDV) awarded our work in the research of automatic scoring systems for Psoriasis, renewing our intent to keep adding to the scientific knowledge about skin diseases by putting our cutting-edge technology at the service of revolutionary clinical trials.

Alfonso Medela, CAIO at Legit.Health, receiving the award
Alfonso Medela, CAIO at Legit.Health, receiving the award.

Other awards recognizing Legit.Health’s drive towards growth and progress would be the CEBEK Emprende award and the Quality Innovation award, both highlighting our work in creating a more modern dermatology. 

The foundation Ship2B also recognized our dedication to be a company with a social impact, focused on improving the life of our users. This drive has also granted us the European Patient Digital health award, a recognition that fills us with pride.

A year of growth

2021 has been an incredible year of growth for the company in all aspects. 

We have incorporated into our team an array of hard-working professionals, coming from all sorts of backgrounds, from talented freelancers to people with experience in big multinational companies. 

Legit.Health founding team
Legit.Health founding team

We have also joined forces with big partners such as DKV, Novartis or Rivera Salud to bring Legit.Health’s technology directly to the hands of doctors and patients. As it can be seen with our campaign to raise awareness about skin cancer or our participation in the Barcelona Health Hub Summit, we have increased our scope tenfold from last year.

A year of innovation

One of our main focuses is, and always has been, to add to the scientific knowledge and push the state of the art of dermatology to a new level. 

Our team of Artificial Intelligence experts has worked shoulder to shoulder with dermatologists and doctors in cutting edge clinical trials, not only to prove scientifically that our algorithmic technology works, but to show the scientific community that the future of medicine is irrevocably linked to AI.


As an example, this year we have made public two in-depth studies about the AI assisted diagnosis of Psoriasis and Hidradenitis Supurativa respectively, both of them will be published in scientific papers during 2022.

Lastly, we continue to closely work with patients and patient associations to better understand the reality they face when diagnosed with a cutaneous disease. We take a patient centric approach to the development of our app, and we are taking further steps every day to help doctors help their patients in a more efficient and humane way.

What does the future hold for Legit.Health?

As we enter into 2022, our teams are already working in the next new and exciting updates to both our product and the field of dermatology. 

We want next year to be focused around patients, doctors, and their relationship; and we plan on releasing several real success stories of patients and doctors whose lives have been improved by Legit.Health.

Of course, we have a renewed commitment to add to the state of the art of medicine, developing the newest computer vision algorithms. We are proud to say that we are working on expanding our expertise into issues like facial paralysis or disciplines like trichology, as well as continue expanding our knowledge of dermatology. 

We are excited about the new year, and we couldn’t be happier about sharing it with all the doctors, patients, medical centres and companies that put their trust in us. Without you, Legit.Health wouldn’t be possible. 

That’s why the Legit.Health team wants to wish you a Happy New Year.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Legit.Health gives medical centers a hands-on look at how to drive increased adherence and improve patient outcomes, as well as improving efficiency and overall quality of life. We collaborate with different entities to carry out new research in the field of visible medicine, in order to make our technology available to everyone.

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2021, a great year for Legit.Health