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Next Generation Derm

Legit.Health is the Revolutionary Clinical Data and Communication tool for Next-generation dermatologists that triples the empowerment of patients.

The best dermatology artificial intelligence for doctors

An artificial intelligence built by doctors for doctors.


Smart referralNew

Ensure that the right patient sees the right specialist at the right time and improve the efficiency of your clinical workforce.

Treatment supervision

Automatically measure if patients are responding to treatment with the high-precision neural network.

Diagnosis support

The artificial intelligence provides immediate data to the HCP to assist them in their diagnosis.

Severity measure

Automatically fills in the most common scoring systems (PASI, SCORAD...) just by taking a smartphone image.

Image Quality CheckNew

Ensure in real-time that images taken by users have sufficient clinical utility and automatically provide assistance.

Patient & Doctor app

An easy-to-use interface that allows users to upload photos and understand all the clinical data generated.

News and science

Automatic scoring system

3 years ago

ASCORAD: The Next-Generation Atopic Dermatitis automatic scoring system



2 years ago

Creating a brand-new scoring system, the 5 key steps every scientist should follow


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api integration
web app
Legit.Health integration

There are many ways of implementing Legit.Health's technology into your workflow, depending on your own goals and capabilities.

Some examples include:

Jid innovations

Automatic Scoring of Atopic Dermatitis using Deep Learning (ASCORAD): A Pilot Study. A fast and objective alternative method for the automatic assessment.

Jid innovations

Automatic Urticaria Activity Score (AUAS): A Novel Technology for Urticaria Severity Assessment Based on Automatic High-Precision Hive Counting. Our results show that our algorithm assesses the severity of CU cases with a performance comparable to that of expert physicians.


Dermatology Image Quality Assessment (DIQA): Artificial Intelligence to ensure the 3 clinical utility of images for remote consultations and clinical trials. DIQA shows promise as a quality-check tool that improves remote consultation and clinical 62 trials, especially those in which patients with skin pathologies report their condition remotely.


High true-accuracy

Expert-level performance

FHIR Integration

Privacy compliant

23% referral adequacy increase

GDPR Compliant

Automatic scoring system

Take your organisation to the next level with Legit.Health's built-in artificial intelligence tools

derma solution

All the tools you need toimprove healthcare

Legit.Health helps doctors make more accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions. It can also be used to assist with routine tasks like follow-up consultations, which can help doctors identify potential problems more quickly and accurately. Additionally, Legit.Health helps with administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and managing medical records, which can help free up time for healthcare providers to focus on providing care to patients.

Results of the pilot study in a hospital in Madrid

In this short video, Dr. Elena Sanchez-Largo, dermatologist at the Torrejon Hospital, and Taig Mac Carthy, COO at Legit.Health, share the results of the 1-year-long pilot study.

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Legit.Health is the all-in-one artificial intelligence solution with ultra high performance, exclusive features and clinical backing.