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Frequently Asked Questions

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Legit.Health doctors ask

Does Legit.Health complies with the current GDPR regulation?

We believe that technology is necessary to help you perform all those routine and administrative tasks, which can be automated. For this reason, we have made sure to comply with the current regulation, with the GDPR being the best example of how we approach data protection.

What type of photographs does Legit.Health's technology support?

Legit.Health's technology works and analyzes any type of photograph, whether it be: photographs taken with a cell phone, photographs taken with a dermatoscope, photographs taken with conventional cameras, etc.

What should be the minimum quality of the photo uploaded to the application?

We know how difficult it is to get a picture right the first time, so we have created our own algorithm capable of measuring the quality of the patient's picture uploaded to the application. If the quality is poor, the algorithm notifies you and asks you to repeat it.

How is the security of my patients data managed?

All photographs and messages uploaded to the application are end-to-end encrypted. These systems ensure that all information, connection and communication between Legit.Health and the user is secure and reliable.

What devices does Legit.Health support?

We care about Legit.Health reaches everyone who needs it, that's why it can be used and adapted to any electronic device.

How does Legit.Health technology work?

We use artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to help you in your clinical practice. We have created algorithms capable of automatically fill in medical scoring systems such as PASI, SCORAD, UAS or GAGS, and many more dermatological scoring systems. So that you can make a diagnosis and follow-up of pathologies much more quickly, objectively and reliably than in the traditional way.

Can I see the evolution of the patient's pathology?

Yes, you can see the evolution and follow up on the pathology reported by the patient, as well as the metrics reported by the algorithms or the level of pre-malignancy of the lesion detected.

Can I communicate with the patient?

Communication with the patient has never been so easy, you can leave a note together with the photographs of the pathologies reported by the patient. Or indicate the frequency with which your patient has to upload a photo to the application.

How does Legit.Health help me save lives?

The technology implemented by Legit.Health allows for a much faster diagnosis than the one achieved in the traditional way, positioning the tool as a support for the health professional. Helping doctors to provide more personalized care to their patients.

Why is it a tool for the dermatologists of the future?

At Legit.Health we believe that the future of medicine is shaped by the advancement of artificial intelligence. That is why we have trained our algorithms to create an innovative tool in the field of digital health.

Legit.Health patients ask

How do I have to upload the pictures to the application?

It is very simple, you just have to take a picture with your telephone and upload it to the application. Once your doctor receives and examines it you will get an answer.

Can I upload photos through any mobile device?

The photographs can be uploaded to the application through any mobile device and from any web server. The application will tell you if the photograph you have uploaded is correctly focused or if you need to repeat it.

Can I monitor my disease?

Yes, through the platform you can see the evolution of your disease and make a detailed follow-up of the changes in your pathology.

How can I communicate with my doctor?

Communication with your doctor is easy and secure. By uploading a picture of your pathology to the application you can leave a comment to your doctor and when she receives it you get a response from her.

How often do I have to upload a photo to the application?

This will depend on your pathology and what your dermatologist stipulates. The frequency with which you have to upload pictures will appear on your dashboard, on the main page of the application.

What do I do if my condition has worsened?

If your pathology has aggravated, but it is not urgent, you can upload a photo to the quick actions section that will appear on your main screen, so that your doctor can receive it immediately. If your condition has worsened seriously, we recommend that you go to your regular dermatologist.

Am I anonymous?

Yes, at Legit.Health we only collect the information necessary for the service we offer as we value and protect your privacy. In addition, the platform clearly identifies and documents the legal bases so you can have peace of mind and trust your professionals.

Where are the photos I upload to the platform stored?

We have an encrypted security system with private keys and authentication protocols. This achieves high security for all photos uploaded to the application.

Can I report the same pathology in different parts of the body?

In the case of having the same pathology in several areas of the body, you must upload photographs of each affected area to the application. This way, your doctor will be able to follow up on each of them and offer you the best care.

How do algorithms help me?

Algorithms help your doctor keep better track of your condition so you can feel safe and calm in the hands of health care specialists.

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