The pharmaceutical company MSD rewards the startup Legit.Health with the European Patient Digital Health Award 2021

The pharmaceutical company MSD rewards the startup Legit.Health with the European Patient Digital Health 2021

The ceremony attended by European technology executives aims to promote digital innovation. The iconic European Patient Digital Health Awards (PDHA) ceremony, organized by the pharmaceutical company MSD, creator of the COVID-19 pill, awards the startup Legit.Health, for its innovation in healthcare services. Legit.Health becomes the first Spanish company to win the PDHA, a strategic initiative […]

Dermatologists need years before becoming fully trained experts.

Are there enough dermatologists for everyone? A hard to solve crisis

Experts agree: there is a shortage of dermatologists, and this leads to longer waiting times for patients, overworked doctors, untreated conditions, or even patients needing to travel to a different city to get treatment.

Considering the severity of this issue, it is important that the key decision-makers in the medical industry ponder two crucial questions: Why is this happening, and how can we fix it?


The AEDV celebrates in Bilbao the first major scientific event in dermatology after the pandemic

Among its awarded attendees is Legit.Health, a technology capable of detecting up to 232 pathologies with just one picture taken with a mobile phone. The capital of Bizkaia has hosted in its most special edition, the 48th congress of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), the first major dermatology event held after the […]

Ship2B Foundation

The Ship2B Foundation, which awards initiatives with social impact, gives Legit.Health its highest award

After a rigurous selection process, the Spanish project becomes one of the few to be recognized with this honour As every year the Ship2B Foundation has recognized, with the seal of social enterprise impact, different startups and companies that develop innovations in the area of health. Among them is Legit.Health, an application capable of detecting […]

Quality Innovation Award

Quality Innovation Award gives the prestigious national innovation award 2021 to the startup Legit.Health

This renowned competition helps encourage projects in the healthcare sector and reminds us of the need to support innovation, very important in times of crisis and pandemia The prestigious competition created in 2007 by Excellence Finland to promote innovative projects in companies and organizations, has awarded the startup Legit.Health with the Quality Innovation Award 2021 […]

Novartis Biome and Legit.Health team up for digital health innovation

Novartis Biome and Legit.Health team up for digital health innovation

The pharmaceutical company and startup catalyst has been part of BHH 2021, a project that brings together innovations for the patients of the future. The startup Legit Health, in partnership with Novartis Biome, has demonstrated the importance of innovation and technology in the field of healthcare when it comes to saving lives, by participating in […]

improve quality of life

4 simple life quality improvements Legit.Health brings to its users

At Legit.Health, we are committed to not be just another software company focused on their product and nothing more.
This is why we want to outline the ways in which we are trying to improve the life quality of our users.

pre-malignancy detecction

Legit.Health joins DKV to prevent the rise of skin cancer on Spanish beaches with Artificial Intelligence

The Spanish Artificial Intelligence startup Legit.Health and the health insurance company DKV join forces this summer to raise awareness around the dangers of skin cancer. Every year almost 23 thousands skin cancers are diagnosed in Spain. Summer is approaching and the cases of skin cancer are increasing. The good weather and high temperatures of the […]


GE Healthcare and Wayra select the Basque company Legit.Health among the five start-ups focused on AI in health for the first Edison Accelerator Program

The”Edison Accelerator” provides world-class business and technical guidance to EMEA startups.   MADRID, June 2021 – Five healthcare technology startups have officially upgraded into the first cohort of the Edison Accelerator in EMEA, a healthcare scale-up acceleration program designed by GE Healthcare in partnership with the innovation organization Wayra UK, Telefónica start-up accelerator. Among the five […]