Pre malignancy prediction with artificial intelligence helps primary care doctors and dermatologists alike

Creating a brand-new scoring system, the 5 key steps every scientist should follow

Scoring systems are the unsung heroes of the day to day dermatological practice. Disliked by many for the additional work they can bring to the table, they help train the clinical eye that is so often used to replace them. Despite that, there’s no denying the crucial role scoring systems play in the clinical development […]

Legit.Health and AEDV

2021, a great year for Legit.Health

2021 has been a pivotal year for Legit.Health. The company has grown tremendously out of its humble origins, adding to its roster talented and committed professionals that have put their all to make the next chapter of dermatology possible.  We have been rewarded and recognized for our work by several prestigious medical and business organizations, […]

Doctor-Patient communication

Doctor-patient communication: 4 simple keys to understand it

Introduction The communication between doctor and patient is one of the cornerstones of modern medicine, after all, the patient is the only one who really knows about the full extent of the nature of some of their symptoms. However, this seems to be something some doctors haven’t yet mastered, and we think it is worthwhile […]


ALADIN: the most reliable way of assessing the severity of acne

The state of the art of dermatology has made a huge jump towards the future thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary ALEGI (Acne Lesion Estimation Grading Index).

Prevent Doctor Burnout

Doctor burnout: 6 simple ways Legit.Health helps reduce it

There is an epidemic in the healthcare world, one that plagues the very professionals that take care of our health. It is known as doctor burnout, and its toll is felt both by the doctors who suffer its most direct effects and by the patients these doctors take care of. 

improve quality of life

4 simple life quality improvements Legit.Health brings to its users

At Legit.Health, we are committed to not be just another software company focused on their product and nothing more.
This is why we want to outline the ways in which we are trying to improve the life quality of our users.

Pre malignancy prediction with artificial intelligence helps primary care doctors and dermatologists alike

Pre-malignancy: detect skin cancer before it becomes a problem.

The future of skin cancer prevention has arrived thanks to Legit.Health revolutionary pre-malignancy estimation tool.
Legit.Health has developed a clinically validated tool that processes smartphone images and automatically analyses them using the same criteria as the top doctors in this field.

Medical Centers and GDPR

6 ways you can avoid GDPR sanctions with Legit.Health

“The GDPR is not the problem; The GDPR is the solution. Your current system is the problem.”
Taig Mac Carthy, COO at Legit.Health

pre-malignancy detecction

Legit.Health joins DKV to prevent the rise of skin cancer on Spanish beaches with Artificial Intelligence

The Spanish Artificial Intelligence startup Legit.Health and the health insurance company DKV join forces this summer to raise awareness around the dangers of skin cancer. Every year almost 23 thousands skin cancers are diagnosed in Spain. Summer is approaching and the cases of skin cancer are increasing. The good weather and high temperatures of the […]


AUAS7: the best weapon in the dermatologist arsenal against urticaria

The future of dermatology is now within hands reach thanks to Legit.Health‘s revolutionary AUAS7 (Automatic Urticaria Activity Score).

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