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Legit.Health’s artificial intelligence Deep Link API integration

Thanks to Legit.Health’s Deep Link API integration, you can add both the state-of-the-art dermatological algorithms and a slick interface designed by UIX experts into your usual software without disrupting the day-to-day routine of the doctors. 

Deep Link integration of artificial intelligence in dermatology
Flawless transition between your software and Legit.Health‘s interface with just one click.

Legit.Health‘s Dermatology API allows professionals to maintain their clinical workflow intact while adding a new layer of analysis and technology without increasing the workload of the doctor. We offer simplified integration services to ease the transition: Practitioners won’t need to do any additional work when changing from one system to another.

How does Legit.Health’s Deep Link API integration work?

Our Deep Link integration services make integrating our service to your software of preference very easy. At the end of the process, the physicians will be able to access all the data extracted by the algorithm in one single click.

The Deep Link API integration is…

  • Fast: It just takes a click to navigate between screens. Doctors don’t need to log into the new software.
  • Complete: All the data is shared between the applications.
  • Easy to use: Both the access and the interface are designed with user experience in mind.
  • Secure: All the data is encrypted and tokenized.
  • Interoperable: Zero data loss, the smallest migration effort.
  • FHIR compatible: Fully compatible with FHIR HL7 international standard.

You don’t want to distract doctors as they are fulfilling their clinical duties. That is why this integration will put our artificial intelligence app inside your current software. This way, doctors will be able to use the most advanced interface for dermatology without having to install or download any extra software.

Want to get technical?

Our Deep Link integration exposes a set of API’s to which you will POST data. Each time you POST the data, that will trigger actions in the interface. Then, we will expose another set of API endpoints for you to POST a request, so your system can fetch the relevant endpoints, all of which follow FHIR HL7 standards.

Check out our Swagger page for the Deep Link API integration for more detailed information, or contact our technical team here for more information about our easy and to the point integration process.

For example: Image Quality Check

When you send a photo to the Legit.Health API, you will get automatically the quality of the image. This way, you can filter out the bad ones or prompt users to re-upload.

What do you get when you use Legit.Health’s Deep Link API Integration?

A State-of-the-art Algorithmic diagnosis assistance tool

We offer the most novel algorithmic technology wrapped in an easy-to-read interface that will provide the best diagnosis assistance tool in the market.

Most importantly, Legit.Health’s algorithms can also help with the severity assessment of some of the most common skin conditions, like Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Hidradenitis suppurativa, Urticaria, Acne, Melanoma and more. We achieve that thanks to the automatization of established scoring systems like PASI or SCORAD or the creation of our own scoring systems like in the case of Acne.

Artificial Inteligence Dermatological Algorithms
Artificial Inteligence Dermatological Algorithms
Telemedicine with Legit.Health
Patients and doctors communicating with Legit.Health

The best communication tool for doctors and patients

Legit.Health improves the communication channels between doctor and patient, allowing them to become a more active part of their treatment. The app achieves this by giving the user an easy and reliable way of sending accurate data to the doctor.

Additionally, the app displays the data in an easy-to-read graph showing the progress of the affection, making answering the usually difficult question “Am I getting better, Doctor?” a piece of cake.

Patients get to use the best companion app in dermatology

Thanks to this integration, the patients of your medical centre will get to use Legit.Health’s dermatology companion app. You will not need to develop extra software for patients to enjoy the very best.

Furthermore, patients will feel like they are still in your software ecosystem. Both the sign-up and the log-in screens will be branded, as well as the whole navigation experience.

Let your patients enjoy the best companion app thanks to Legit.Healhts Deep Link API Integration
Let your patients enjoy the best companion app thanks
to Legit.Healht’s Deep Link API Integration.

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Legit.Health's artificial intelligence Deep Link API integration