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Legit Health’s artificial intelligence Dermatology API (dAPI) enables you to screen for 139 different types of skin diseases and gives you an answer within a second. Integrate our API into your: website, app, blog, or use it as a diagnostic help tool for healthcare professionals.


What is Legit Health API Connect?

An API (in full: Application Programming Interface) ensures that a system makes information available to other systems. This allows data to be easily and safely exchanged with each other.
Legit Health Dermatology API sends your image to our algorithm and returns the name of the skin condition, with much more useful information, such as accuracy and sensitivity, overall malignancy suspicion, and evolution of the disease since the previous image.






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Dermatology API Features

Legit Health Dermatology API users enjoy:

  • Easy to use and well-documented API
  • Regular API updates
  • No setup fee
  • No maintenance risk
  • Scalable pay-as-you-go flexible pricing

139 pathology detection

Our wide range of clinically developed algorithms can classify 139 skin pathologies. Within the 139 pathologies, Legit has focused on perfecting the detection of 7 pathologies, achieving the following results:

  • Psoriasis  92% Sensitivity
  • Dermatitis  81% Sensitivity
  • Rosacea  94% Sensitivity
  • Keratosis  92% Sensitivity
  • Melanoma  90% Sensitivity
  • + 134 pathologies more

Dermatology API

Integrated with other solutions

Legit Health Dermatology API is well documented and simple to use. Customer feedback shows that it takes 6 hours to have a functioning AI interface to diagnose the widest range of cutaneous diseases.

Legit Health Dermatology APIallows professionals to maintain access to existing patient and clinical data in a new, accessible platform that offers an improved practice management system. Never lose your patient data. We offer simplified integration services to ease the transition.

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