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About Legit.Health

Legit.Health Medical Device

Our Mission

Our main activity is the design, development and marketing of Medical Devices that help in the diagnosis and follow-up tasks of HCPs. To achieve this, we use computer vision convolutional neural networks, which offer clinical insights just by looking at images of possible skin lesions, making our products a benchmark for medical professionals.

Annex 1 Quality policy

Our Vision

We see a future where computer vision convolutional neural networks are indispensable to HCPs in dermatology, where it is used as a tool to increase the diagnostic accuracy of HCPs, increase the adequacy of referrals and improve the performance of treatments. In this future, citizens enjoy better health and organisations run more efficient and profitable ventures.

Annex 1 Quality policy

Team Values Legit.Health

Our Values

At Legit.Health we have clear values that help us to develop our strategy correctly values that define us as a company and are the basis of our actions:


Collaboration with healthcare professionals, both to develop and also to divulge our solutions.


Quality because we thoroughly implement a quality management system based on continuous improvement.


Committed to fulfilling the requirements of our customers, to observe current legislation and all regulatory requirements in all our activities.

Certifications and Regulations

Legit.Health is a medical device with European CE marking. Our platform is ISO 13486 compliant for the quality management of medical devices and for the development and maintenance of medical device software.

At Legit.Health we have extensive experience handling sensitive information, and we are compromised to ensure flawless protection of our customers' data. For more information, visit our Legal Hub.

Legit.Health's software has been clinically proven in several Spanish hospitals. These include the University Hospital of Torrejón in Madrid and the Cruces and Basurto Hospitals in the Basque Country.

GDPR Legit.Health

Awards and Recognition

This innovative company have received over 40 Awards and recognitions over the last years, including

Medical Advisors and Scientific Collaborators

Ramon Grimalt

Ramon Grimalt


Pedro Rodríguez

Pedro Rodríguez


Sergio Vaño

Sergio Vaño


Gaston Roustan

Gaston Roustan


Elena Sanchez-Largo

Elena Sanchez-Largo


Rubén García

Rubén García


Ricardo Ruiz

Ricardo Ruiz


J.L. Lopez Estebaranz

J.L. Lopez Estebaranz


Carlos Chiesa

Carlos Chiesa


The Team

Andy Aguilar

Co-Founder & CEO

Legit.Health helps the doctors to help their patients. The AI helps the professionals to perform those tasks that can be automated so that the doctors can focus on what matters the most: the patient.

Taig Mac Carthy

Co-Founder & CEO

At Legit.Health we believe that technology should always be at the service of humans, that's why we use AI and computer vision algorithms to help doctors get where they can't.”

Alfonso Medela

Co-Founder & CAIO

We believe that the best algorithm is the doctor, that's why Legit.Health is a clinical decision support tool. In other words, our diagnostic algorithms never replace the doctor, but rather provide them with valuable information to make a decision.

Gerardo Fernandez

Co-Founder & CTO

Legit.Health is a tool that allows both the doctor and the patient to get to the information in a very safe and quick way. It can be accessible at anytime from any device and there is no need to install anything. We made it incredibly easy-to-use.



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