Automatic Facial Palsy Grading with Artificial Intelligence

Legit gives health professionals a platform for patient management that includes precise artificial intelligence diagnosis and follow-up technology.

facial palsy grading

Automatic facial nerve grading

The clinicians who developed Legit Health’s automatic facial palsy grading software intended to create an automatic measure that provides a quantitative score for reporting purposes.

The software is sensitive enough to detect clinically relevant changes over time or during a treatment.

Easier, quicker and efficient

Legit Health’s facial palsy grading-software is intended for use by medical professionals so as to reduce time spent on manual scoring. Furthermore, it allows medical professionals to automate communication with patients, including the taking of photographs and the fulfillment of forms.

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Transform your practice with the world’s first automatic facial palsy grading artificial intelligence

This free 30-day trial of Legit Health Facial Palsy Grading software gives clinics and hospitals a hands-on look at how to drive increased efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Now you can easily enroll and manage patients to drive the maximum impact of your programs.

Facial palsy grading software

Facial palsy software

Objective and reliable grading

Legit Health is a reliable and objective instrument to grade facial nerve function in patients. Due to its automatic nature, the software serves as a stable and robust tool that remains perfectly stable over time.