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GE Healthcare and Wayra select the Basque company Legit.Health among the five start-ups focused on AI in health for the first Edison Accelerator Program

The”Edison Accelerator” provides world-class business and technical guidance to EMEA startups.  

MADRID, June 2021 – Five healthcare technology startups have officially upgraded into the first cohort of the Edison Accelerator in EMEA, a healthcare scale-up acceleration program designed by GE Healthcare in partnership with the innovation organization Wayra UK, Telefónica start-up accelerator.

Among the five start-ups that were chosen, there is a Bilbao company: Legit.Health, which is presented like a revolutionary clinical intelligence and communication tool that helps Next-generation dermatologists improve diagnosis, grade severity and monitor the evolution of chronic and malignant wound and skin lesions.

Its technology driven by artificial intelligence (IA) make it possible to diagnose 232 just by looking at smartphone images and accelerates the communication process of a pathology, by reporting its existence in 32 seconds and automatically estimating its severity by filling in the grading method. Thanks to this solution, the correct diagnosis rate of the doctor could be increased by 23%. 

“The alliance with GE and Telefónica broadens the scope of technology in order to help doctors in their healthcare work. They are the pillar of medicine, and artificial intelligence is there to help them. Legit.Health is the tool that allows patients and doctors speak the same language. Our focus is to be able to give doctors all the tools that increase their healthcare capacity and allows to give them greater security”, says Andy Aguilar, CEO at Legit.Health.

The companies chosen in the program are focused in applying artificial intelligence to medical images to improve the patient experience. The estimations suggest that more than 400.000 European lives could be saved annually by applying AI in healthcare and freeing up 1.800 million hour of doctors to focus on what matters most: the patient.

I’m sure that the Edison Accelerator will become a major player in the HealthTech space in Europe and beyond”, says Bruno Moraes, Country Manager at Wayra UK

“The future of innovation will be to collaborate across the entire healthcare ecosystem, including start-ups, research centers, hospitals, physicians, and patients. The Edison Accelerator is bringing those stakeholders together in a unique and connected ecosystem to make real impact by helping to improve outcomes and provide patient care”, explains Jan Beger, Director Senior de Ecosistema Digital of General Electric Healthcare,

Over the next six months, the Edison Accelerator will provide its cohort of five start-ups with the knowledge and skills to help them further scale their business and jointly develop solutions with GE and the other healthcare institutions participating in the program. Intel has also join the program as a technology partner.

About Legit.Health

Legit.Health is the revolutionary clinical data and communication tool that helps Next generation dermatologists improve diagnosis, rate severity, and monitor the course of chronic and malignant wounds and skin lesions. This AI powered technology helps both doctors and patients improve diagnosis, since it helps them improve their mood and emotional quality of life, making them more actively participants in their treatment and reducing loneliness and isolation of the patient.

Our algorithms automatically score pathologies just by simply looking at photos taken with the mobile phone. Filling automatically most medical classification systems such as: PASI, SCORAD, UAS, GAGA and many more dermatological scoring systems. Increasing in this way the correct diagnosis rate of the doctor by 23%. 

About GE Healthcare

As a global leader in innovation in medical technology and digital solutions, GE Healthcare enables physicians to make faster and more informed decisions through smart devices, data analytics, applications and services, powered by Edison Intelligence platform. With more than 100 years of experience in the healthcare sector and around 50.000 employees around the world, the company operates at the center of an ecosystem oriented towards the achievement of precision in healthcare, the digitization of healthcare, the contribution and driving productivity and improving outcomes for patients, providers, healthcare systems and researches around the world.

About Wayra

Wayra connects Telefónica and its corporate partners with technology disruptors around the world. We hace a clear goal: helo start-ups scale globally. Wayra offers a unique and fluid interface between entrepreneurs and our network of companies, governments and other partners, adding value to the ecosystem were we are present. We believe that large corporations can reinvent themselves by working hand to hand with entrepreneurs around the world and helping them scale to fulfill their digital transformation. We are leaders in bringing together corporations and start-ups to generate joint business opportunities.

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GE Healthcare and Wayra select the Basque company Legit.Health among the five start-ups focused on AI in health for the first Edison Accelerator Program