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life quality improvements

4 simple life quality improvements Legit.Health brings to its users

At Legit.Health, we are committed to not be just another software company focused on their product and nothing more.
This is why we want to outline the ways in which we are trying to improve the life quality of our users.

clinical image data to excel

7 proven ways of enhancing clinical trials thanks to Legit.Health

Introduction Clinical trials are the engine that pushes forward medical science. What comes out as obvious is that the tools at the disposal of those at the forefront of progress should be as advanced and cuting-edge as the research that is been worked on. Legit.Health takes up the challenge of providing researchers with a modern, […]

pre malignancy prediction with artificial intelligence

Predicting Malignancy: discover the power of Pre-Malignancy in Skin Cancer detection

The future of skin cancer prevention has arrived thanks to Legit.Health revolutionary pre-malignancy estimation tool.
Legit.Health has developed a clinically validated tool that processes smartphone images and automatically analyses them using the same criteria as the top doctors in this field.

Medical Centers and GDPR

6 ways you can avoid GDPR sanctions with Legit.Health

“The GDPR is not the problem; The GDPR is the solution. Your current system is the problem.”
Taig Mac Carthy, COO at Legit.Health

pre-malignancy detecction

Legit.Health joins DKV to prevent the rise of skin cancer on Spanish beaches with Artificial Intelligence

The Spanish Artificial Intelligence startup Legit.Health and the health insurance company DKV join forces this summer to raise awareness around the dangers of skin cancer. Every year almost 23 thousands skin cancers are diagnosed in Spain. Summer is approaching and the cases of skin cancer are increasing. The good weather and high temperatures of the […]


AUAS7: the best weapon in the dermatologyst arsenal against urticaria

The future of dermatology is now within hands reach thanks to Legit.Health‘s revolutionary AUAS7 (Automatic Urticaria Activity Score).

hidradenitis suppurativa

AIHS4, A revolutionary step forward in the treatment of Hidradenitis suppurativa

The future of dermatology is now within hands reach thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary AIHS4 (Automatic, International Hidradenitis Suppurativa Severity Scoring System).

APASI: The bright future of Psoriasis diagnosis has arrived

APASI: The bright future of Psoriasis diagnosis has arrived

The future of dermatology has come thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary application of the PASI system: APASI (Automatic Psoriasis Area and Severity Index).

score atopic dermatitis evolution

ASCORAD: The Next-Generation Atopic Dermatitis automatic scoring system

Introduction Legit.Health unveils the future of the application of the SCORAD system: the ASCORAD (Automatic Scoring Of Atopic Dermatitis). By using computer vision algorithms, the researchers have created a tool that processes smartphone images and automatically translates them into the domain of the SCORAD. As we all know: objective, reliable, and precise outcome measures are […]


GE Healthcare and Wayra select the Basque company Legit.Health among the five start-ups focused on AI in health for the first Edison Accelerator Program

The”Edison Accelerator” provides world-class business and technical guidance to EMEA startups.   MADRID, June 2021 – Five healthcare technology startups have officially upgraded into the first cohort of the Edison Accelerator in EMEA, a healthcare scale-up acceleration program designed by GE Healthcare in partnership with the innovation organization Wayra UK, Telefónica start-up accelerator. Among the five […]

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