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Has Legit.Health taken part in any clinical validation?


Has Legit.Health taken part in any clinical validation?

Doctors often ask about the scientific backing behind our claims.

Short answer

Yes, Legit.Health has been clinically validated in several Spanish hospitals by doctors of  renown on each of their specialities.

The clinical validation studies that prove our technology works range from assessing its efficiency at improving the diagnosis and follow-up processes in general to pathology specific clinical trials centred on proving our tool’s sensibility and precision regarding that particular condition.

Several of our clinical validation studies have already been published in respected journals, both in the fields of dermatology and computer science, and the rest are on different stages of the publishing process.

Do you want to see the Automatic PASI algorithms in action?

Long answer

The technology behind Legit.Health is complex and multifaceted. Behind a seemingly simple process for the user, several algorithms interact with each other not only with the aim of identifying the disease and its severity, but to curate the image quality too.

Each one of them has gone through or is going through a clinical validation. We cannot divulge information about all the instances of clinical validation we are involved in, but we can give you a taste:

For example, we have recently published with the help of Dr. Ramon Grimalt our ASCORAD paper in JID Innovation.

Legit.Health clinical validations are being published

We also have made public our poster about AIHS4, our Automatic Hidradenitis supurativa scoring system in collaboration with Dr. Fernando Alfageme in the 2022 Spanish national dermatology congress. 

Do you want to see the Automatic PASI algorithms in action?

Alfonso Medela Holding the AEDV award

Our work on the APASI, the Automatic Psoriasis Scoring System our team developed, got recognized by the AEDV with an award in the medical image category. 

Additionally, we are taking part in several clinical trials regarding some of our technological advancements. 

A good example would be the extensive clinical trial that Dr. Leticia Calzado is leading on the Torrejon Hospital, where her and her team are validating the computer assisted diagnosis process with excellent results. 

We also are pushing to implement our technology into new areas of the medical knowledge, like the case of our collaboration with Dr. Sergio Vañó and his team on the Ramon y Cajal Hospital, that are spearheading the application of A.I. technology to measure the severity of Frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA). 

Other instance of Legit.Health’s team expanding the scope of the deep learning algorithmic technology applied to medical since would be facial palsy. Dr. Goiztidi Díaz Basterra, Dr. Luis Barbier Herrero y Dra. Estíbaliz Ortiz de Zárate are leading an effort on the Basurto Hospital to apply this revolutionary technology to this field.

Do you want to see the Automatic PASI algorithms in action?

In some cases, the promising results have pushed the research teams to expand the scope of the study. Like on the study taking part both on the Cruces Hospital and Basurto Hospital under the scrutiny of Drs. Jesús Gardeazabal and Rosa María Izu Belloso studying the options of computer assisted diagnosis in the case of Melanoma.

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Has Legit.Health taken part in any clinical validation?