New Dermatology API with artificial intelligence for hospitals

New Dermatology API for advanced digital care

Legit Health’s artificial intelligence Dermatology API (dAPI) enables you to screen for 502 different types of diseases and gives you an answer within a second.

Integrate our API into your: website, app, blog, or use it as a diagnostic help tool for healthcare professionals.

What is Legit Health API Connect?

An API (in full: Application Programming Interface) ensures that a system makes information available to other systems. This allows data to be easily and safely exchanged with each other.

Legit Health Dermatology API (dAPI) sends your images to state-of-the-art algorithms and returns the name of the skin condition, the severity of the pathology contained and much more useful information, such as accuracy and sensitivity, overall malignancy suspicion, and the evolution of the disease since the last image.

  • trending_upScalableServer-side scalability
  • filter_center_focusAccurateHigh sensitivity and specificity
  • securitySecureHighest layers of security
  • medical_servicesProvenClinically validated
  • fullscreenCompleteFull digital-health solution
acne diagnosis API for dermatology
The API receives an image and outputs data and new images.

Integrate algorithms into your ecosystem

Legit Health Dermatology API is well documented and simple to use. Customer feedback shows that it takes 6 hours to have a functioning AI interface to diagnose the widest range of cutaneous diseases.

Legit Health Dermatology API allows professionals to maintain access to existing patient and clinical data in a new, accessible platform that offers an improved practice management system. Never lose your patient data. We offer simplified integration services to ease the transition.

Elderly skin cancer prevention

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Dermatology API Features

Legit Health Dermatology API (dAPI) users enjoy:

  • check_circleEasy to use and well-documented
  • check_circleFrequently updated
  • check_circleNo setup fee
  • check_circleNo maintenance risk
  • check_circleScalable pay-as-you-go flexible pricing

¿How do I implement an algorithm API into my software platform or app?

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Many healthcare providers, such as hospitals and insurance companies, can benefit from implementing diagnosis algorithms into their applications.

Consider Legit.Health your AI-powered Dermatology assistant. Upload a photo of your patient’s skin condition, get instant feedback and streamline your workflow.

Instantly screen for over 502 skin conditions – from acne and moles to rashes and everything else.

Legit Health has developed an API to which any healthcare provider can connect and make use of the newest technology in prevention, early diagnosis and monitoring of skin diseases.

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New Dermatology API with artificial intelligence for hospitals