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Novartis Biome and Legit.Health team up for digital health innovation

Novartis Biome and Legit.Health team up for digital health innovation

The pharmaceutical company and startup catalyst has been part of BHH 2021, a project that brings together innovations for the patients of the future.

The startup Legit Health, in partnership with Novartis Biome, has demonstrated the importance of innovation and technology in the field of healthcare when it comes to saving lives, by participating in the Barcelona Health Hub Summit (BHH). An event that brings together innovative companies and products from all over the world, this year 2021 is the turn of technological innovations designed for the patients of the future.

Legit.Health application is capable of detecting the presence of 232 skin diseases through a simple image taken with a mobile phone, including skin cancer

One of the main objectives of Novartis Biome is to connect Novartis and the digital health ecosystem to bring innovative high-impact solutions to patients and healthcare professionals, acting as a catalyst for impactful digital collaborations, creating value that extends beyond medicines.

During the ceremony, Clara Cuervo, leader of Novartis Biome Spain, a catalyst for startups in the healthcare technology field, spoke about “the importance for the evolution of medicine of bringing together companies capable of providing digital solutions that improve and prolong the lives of patients“. Novartis believes that the union of science and technology is necessary to create healthcare solutions and seamless experiences for doctors and patients.

This has been fundamental in driving the brilliant technology that Legit.Health has developed. The founders, patients with chronic diseases, know how difficult it is to maintain fluid communication with the doctor. For this reason, they have developed an application that improves effective doctor-patient communication by translating the doctor’s clinical language that the patient doesn’t always understand. 

Speed up the pathology reporting process and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Also, estimating the severity of pathologies is a daily challenge that many doctors have to deal with, a tedious and routine job that takes time away from treating the patient. Taig Mac Carthy, co-founder of Legit.Health and patient with skin diseases explain that “the app is not only able to identify the pathology seen in the photo, but it also estimates the severity of that pathology, in only 23 seconds.

In short, the app is presented as a support in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases the solution to the problem that today’s doctors are shouting out for. Legit.Health is able to collect the automatic results provided by the algorithms, as well as the results reported by the patient about their quality of life and the situation with their disease.

About Legit.Health Technology

Legit.Health is the clinical data and communication tool developed to help doctors help their patients. Its algorithms are developed to automatically fill in medical scoring systems such as PASI, SCORAD, UAS or GAGS, and many more dermatological scoring systems.

The automatization of these scoring systems not only helps doctors and empowers the patient, but adds a layer of objectivity that was impossible until now. This technology helps dermatologists provide quicker diagnoses than the traditional way. It reduces the doctor’s workload by allowing them to estimate the severity of the pathology quickly and objectively.

A tool that is already being implemented at Viewtech Mexico, and that merges objectivity and accuracy in pathology reporting, allowing doctors to maintain effective communication with their patients. 

About Novartis Biome

The Novartis Biome unites the best of science and technology to create better healthcare solutions and patient experiences. It was created as a bridge to help partners become an extension of our own teams, working with us as easily and productively as possible to jointly innovate and co-develop digital solutions at scale.

We’re taking on some of the biggest healthcare challenges, something we can’t and don’t want to do on our own. We’re committed to partnering with the best in the ecosystem to combine our deep scientific experience with the expertise of the tech world to develop scale digital solutions that improve and extend patients’ lives.

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Novartis Biome and Legit.Health team up for digital health innovation