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The pharmaceutical company MSD rewards the startup Legit.Health with the European Patient Digital Health Award 2021

The pharmaceutical company MSD rewards the startup Legit.Health with the European Patient Digital Health 2021

The ceremony attended by European technology executives aims to promote digital innovation.

The iconic European Patient Digital Health Awards (PDHA) ceremony, organized by the pharmaceutical company MSD, creator of the COVID-19 pill, awards the startup Legit.Health, for its innovation in healthcare services. Legit.Health becomes the first Spanish company to win the PDHA, a strategic initiative to recognize innovation from a patient perspective and applaud solutions that improve quality of life.

Along with more than 60 applications submitted from 18 European countries, a jury chosen on behalf of patients and emerging entrepreneurs identified the four winners of this edition. Among them is Legit.Health, a pioneering application in the field of dermatological health, is capable of detecting up to 232 pathologies with just a photograph taken with a telephone. The startup, which is already in use in several hospitals such as the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón in Madrid, was awarded for the first time in the area of “New ways to interact with healthcare teams and providers“.

The European initiative reinforced the vital role of innovation in healthcare and the evolution of technology, both for patients and for healthcare providers and professionals.

A tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision algorithms to help doctors reach where they cannot. Although, Alfonso Medela, promoter of Legit.Health, explains: “our diagnostic algorithms never replace the doctor, but provide him with valuable information to make a decision“. Medela has suffered from chronic urticaria since he was young and, at only 26 years old, he created this technology to alleviate the problems of millions of people in his situation.

This platform is presented as a device for doctors and patients based on Deep Learning and computer vision algorithms, which allow the detection and monitoring of skin conditions. Helping doctors in their diagnosis, and patients empowering them so they can be autonomous in the monitoring of their skin pathology, improving like this communication with the professional.

Technology was born to stay and help physicians perform all those routine and administrative tasks that impeded them from providing personalized patient care. Andy Aguilar, CEO of Legit.Health and patient with several chronic skin diseases, says: “Artificial intelligence helps to perform all those tasks that can be automated so that the doctor can focus on what is most important: the patient”.

Awards like this, organised by important establishments like the pharmaceutical company MSD, are necessary to highlight the importance of innovation in the health sector and recognize applications that are positioned as a support in the final decisions of many doctors. In the communication, they have with their patients, as well as in the final diagnosis.

About Legit.Health

Legit.Health is the revolutionary dermatological application based on artificial intelligence and Deep Learning technology, designed for Next-generation dermatologists. Health professionals who take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies to improve the state of the art in their field.

The algorithms were designed by Legit.Health is capable of, through simple photography, automatically fill-in most of the medical grading systems, such as PASI, SCORAD, UAS, GAGS, and many more dermatology scoring systems. Becoming the tool that makes life easier for many doctors and patients. ​​In addition, the data is highly protected and stored in an encrypted system. 

Legit.Health helps Next-generation dermatologists to offer a diagnosis much faster than the one achieved traditionally, reducing the workload of the doctor allowing them to estimate the severity of the pathology in a faster way and supporting their knowledge by offering an objective diagnosis.

In short, a tool that combines objectivity and precision in the report of a pathology and that allows doctors to maintain daily and effective communication with their patients. As well as being constantly informed of the changes in the pathology of the patient.

About the pharmaceutical company MSD

The Pharmaceutical company MSD is one of the largest in the healthcare ecosystem and they have a clear objective: to save and improve lives.

They aim to make a difference in the lives of people around the world through innovative medicines, vaccines and animal health products. They are committed to being the first biopharmaceutical group dedicated to intensive research and to providing innovations and solutions for the present and the future.

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The pharmaceutical company MSD rewards the startup Legit.Health with the European Patient Digital Health 2021