Automatic Urticaria Activity Score

Automatic Urticaria Activity Score (AUAS): A Novel Technology for Urticaria Severity Assessment Based on Automatic High-Precision Hive Counting 

We introduce AUAS, an automatic equivalent of UAS that deploys a deep learning lesion-detecting algorithm, called Legit.Health-UAS-HiveNet. Our results show that our algorithm assesses the severity of Chronic Urticaria cases with a performance comparable to that of expert physicians.

Torrejón Hospital and Legit.Health

Use Case: How Torrejón Hospital implemented A.I. into their workflow to manage patients remotely

healthcare provider Ribera Salud and Legit.Health started working together in one of the group’s hospitals, the Torrejón Hospital, to implement the revolutionary algorithmic technology that, 2 years later, has shown excellent results. 

Prevent Doctor Burnout

Doctor burnout: 6 simple ways Legit.Health helps reduce it

There is an epidemic in the healthcare world, one that plagues the very professionals that take care of our health. It is known as doctor burnout, and its toll is felt both by the doctors who suffer its most direct effects and by the patients these doctors take care of. 

Hidradenitis supurativa severity measure

AIHS4, A revolutionary step forward in the treatment of Hidradenitis suppurativa

The future of dermatology is now within hands reach thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary AIHS4 (Automatic, International Hidradenitis Suppurativa Severity Scoring System).

APASI: The bright future of Psoriasis severity assessment has arrived

APASI: The bright future of Psoriasis severity assessment has arrived

The future of dermatology has come thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary application of the PASI system: APASI (Automatic Psoriasis Area and Severity Index).