Telemedicine: 5 great challenges of implementing it

Introduction In recent years, society as a whole has started to get used to the inevitability of a fully digital world embedding itself in all aspects of life, including healthcare. And although there are many benefits the applied practice of telemedicine brings, there are also challenges to overcome before we can start to reap the […]


ALEGI: the most reliable way of assessing the severity of acne

The state of the art of dermatology has made a huge jump towards the future thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary ALEGI (Acne Lesion Estimation Grading Index).

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7 proven ways of enhancing clinical trials thanks to Legit.Health

Introduction Clinical trials are the engine that pushes forward medical science. What comes out as obvious is that the tools at the disposal of those at the forefront of progress should be as advanced and cuting-edge as the research that is been worked on. Legit.Health takes up the challenge of providing researchers with a modern, […]

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AIHS4, A revolutionary step forward in the treatment of Hidradenitis suppurativa

The future of dermatology is now within hands reach thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary AIHS4 (Automatic, International Hidradenitis Suppurativa Severity Scoring System).

APASI: The bright future of Psoriasis diagnosis has arrived

APASI: The bright future of Psoriasis diagnosis has arrived

The future of dermatology has come thanks to Legit.Health’s revolutionary application of the PASI system: APASI (Automatic Psoriasis Area and Severity Index).

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ASCORAD: The Next-Generation Atopic Dermatitis automatic scoring system

Introduction Legit.Health unveils the future of the application of the SCORAD system: the ASCORAD (Automatic Scoring Of Atopic Dermatitis). By using computer vision algorithms, the researchers have created a tool that processes smartphone images and automatically translates them into the domain of the SCORAD. As we all know: objective, reliable, and precise outcome measures are […]