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The AEDV celebrates in Bilbao the first major scientific event in dermatology after the pandemic

Among its awarded attendees is Legit.Health, a technology capable of detecting up to 232 pathologies with just one picture taken with a mobile phone.

The capital of Bizkaia has hosted in its most special edition, the 48th congress of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), the first major dermatology event held after the pandemic.

An event focused on presenting the latest advances in dermatology, especially in innovative diagnostic imaging techniques. One of the winners in the medical imaging category has been Legit.Health for its work in the Automatic calculation of the psoriasis area and severity index using deep learning algorithms”.

More than 300 experts from around the world have had the opportunity to present and debate dermatological innovations with a specific focus on psoriasis and teledermatology. According to Yolanda Gilaberte, vice president of the AEDV: “Teledermatology was already established, but the pandemic has contributed to its playing a more important role. Furthermore, advances in artificial intelligence will make it possible to identify any changes in the skin through pictures”.

Something in which this revolutionary dermatology tool is already working with a clear objective: to improve medical care for patients with chronic skin diseases, as well as to reduce the number of deaths from skin cancer, by helping doctors to help their patients.

A pioneering technology in dermatology that is already used in several hospitals, including Cruces and Basurto Hospitals, among others. In addition to its work on the automatic estimation of the severity of psoriasis, Legit.Health, has presented another publication about the state of the art of the automation of the scoring system for hidradenitis suppurativa, the AIHS4: “Automation of the International Scoring System of the Gravity of Hidradenitis Suppurativa “

Do you want to see the clinical A.I. technology in action?

A startup that was born with the aim of improving the lives of doctors and patients. Its founders, 4 young people with chronic skin diseases, have created the first platform to support clinical diagnosis, with algorithms that are not only capable of assisting doctors in the diagnosis, but also indicate how serious the patient is regarding his pathology.

Technology is here to stay, helping doctors perform all those routine and administrative tasks that prevent personalized patient care. Andy Aguilar, general director of Legit.Health and a patient with several chronic skin diseases affirm that: “Technology should always be at the service of humans. That’s why we use AI and computer vision algorithms to help doctors get where they can’t. And when they can, help them to do it more comfortably ”.

Skin diseases change the lives of those who suffer from them. For this reason, this pioneering algorithmic technology has begun what is already an extensive collaboration with doctors, researchers and hospitals to create this artificial intelligence tool; although as its founders point out: “Our diagnostic algorithms never replace the doctor, but rather provide valuable information to make a clinical decision”.

About the AEDV

The Spanish Association of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) was born more than 100 years ago with the challenge that dermatology is perceived by Spanish dermatologists as something of their own, useful and loved.

Do you want to see the clinical A.I. technology in action?

A pioneering technology

Legit.Health is a communication tool between doctors and patients that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to help diagnose and monitor visible skin diseases. Its technology makes it possible to automate routine and administrative tasks to help the doctor focus on what is most important: the patient.

A platform capable of making a clinical diagnosis and an estimate of the severity of pathologies with the same objective: to assist physicians in the diagnosis and to indicate to them how serious the patient is regarding their pathology.

In short, an application designed to help doctors get where they don’t. And to patients, monitoring their pathology and empowering them, so that they themselves can be autonomous and masters of their disease.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Legit.Health gives medical centers a hands-on look at how to drive increased adherence and improve patient outcomes, as well as improving efficiency and overall quality of life. We collaborate with different entities to carry out new research in the field of visible medicine, in order to make our technology available to everyone.

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The AEDV celebrates in Bilbao the first major scientific event in dermatology after the pandemic