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Legit.Health joins DKV to prevent the rise of skin cancer on Spanish beaches with Artificial Intelligence

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Andy Anguilar

The Spanish Artificial Intelligence startup Legit.Health and the health insurance company DKV join forces this summer to raise awareness around the dangers of skin cancer.

Every year almost 23 thousands skin cancers are diagnosed in Spain.

Summer is approaching and the cases of skin cancer are increasing. The good weather and high temperatures of the peninsula make many Spaniards go to the beach looking to show off their tanned skin. Forgetting, in many cases, the danger of prolonged exposure to solar radiation.

The revolutionary dermatology tool with Artificial Intelligence, Legit.Health, and the health insurance company DKV, know this very well. That's why they have decided to join forces to raise, among Spanish citizens and tourists, the importance of anticipating possible skin diseases and using teledermatology services.

Using what is already known as virtual dermatology, DKV offers, through the app Quiero cuidarme Más, all health services digitally on the phone. In short: it's an app that allows you to upload photos and virtually visit a dermatologist.

Furthermore, Legit.Health's algorithms are capable of identifying, in just 2 or 3 seconds, a skin lesion, just by looking at a photo taken with a mobile phone. The technology allows to identify diseases automatically, and thanks to the automatic scoring systems, it offers patients the power to monitor their skin pathology.

Do you want to see the clinical AI technology in action?

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. It is produced by the unusual and uncontrolled growth of skin cells, altered due to the action of ultraviolet radiation (UV). The most common form of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma, which constitutes between 80 and 90% of the cases detected. Although the best known and more invasive cancer is melanoma.

According to the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC), in 2020 almost 23 thousand cases of skin cancer were detected in Spain. This number is really worrying dermatologists, and many estimate that patients delay going to consultation when they first identify suspicious signs of skin cancer.

With an accuracy of 93,23%, the skin-diagnosis technology developed by Legit.Health detects melanoma just by looking at smartphone images. The technology provides follow-up capabilities and allows a previse of the evolution of the pathology, which is very important on this type of cancer. Indeed, a delay of one month in the diagnosis means reducing the patient's life expectancy by 15%.

This application detects skin cancer just by looking at any photo taken with a mobile phone. Despite this, Andy Aguilar, the entrepreneur who runs Legit.Health, points out "this device never replaces the doctor" but instead constitutes a support tool in "the detection and monitoring of skin diseases".

In conclusion, two tools are designed to offer the best dermatological services thanks to technology and Artificial Intelligence. Created for a common goal: fight against skin diseases.

Do you want to see the clinical AI technology in action?

About Legit.Health

Legit.Health is the next-generation clinical artificial intelligence, designed for dermatologists who are looking for new ways to help their patients, thanks to the development of new technologies.

Using algorithms designed through artificial intelligence, this application is capable of detecting the presence of 232 skin diseases through a simple image taken with a mobile phone. Within these, Legit.Health has focused on improving the algorithms of 9 pathologies: Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Acne, Hidradenitis, Rosacea, Urticaria, Keratosis, Basal cell carcinoma, and Melanoma.

Helping in the follow-up of the disease and freeing the doctor from calculating the scoring system manually. Legit.Health's algorithms are developed to automatically fill in medical scoring systems such as PASI, SCORAD, GAGS or DLQI, among others.

In addition, the software is capable of analyzing the images that patients send to the doctor. By doing so, it ensures that the image has enough quality for a clinical evaluation. Thanks to this, the dermatologist can consult the tool and make a diagnosis as effective as possible, as well as sending useful information to the patient. In turn, patients obtain a detailed follow-up of their pathology. It also allows patients to keep uploading photos and see the evolution, encouraging them to become more active participants in their care.

About DKV

In Spain, DKV is established throughout all the national territory with a wide network of health insurance offices and clinics, with 2.000 employees almost that serve nearly 2 million clients.

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