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4 Simple Life Quality improvements Legit.Health brings to its users

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Andy Anguilar


At Legit.Health, our commitment to patients' wellbeing, both physical and psychological, takes us beyond focusing only on product features and algorithm performance. We know that our users are real people with real problems that are trusting us and their doctors, so we can help them overcome a disruptive condition.

This is why we want to outline the ways in which we are trying to improve the life quality of our users.

1. Streamlining the diagnosis process

Figuring out you have a skin condition can be a troublesome and stressful event, especially in the cases of diseases that are not well known by the population. The uncertainty of what might be happening to you adds up to the endless calls, visits to the doctor and tests that make the experience miserable even before you can learn what's exactly happening to your body.

That's why at Legit.Health we aim to speed up and simplify the diagnosis process for both doctors and patients so that the time spent between the discovery of the symptoms and the beginning of the treatment is as short as possible.

This reduces the uncertainty that patients feel, reduces their fears and anxiety associated, giving them the hope of knowing there is a treatment and a fighting chance against the disease and recover their life quality.

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2. Improving patients' quality of life

The clinical condition of the patient is crucial for us. But we also believe that it is essential to think about their emotional well-being.

Once the condition is diagnosed, a difficult journey begins for the patient: they have to adapt their routines to the new condition, learn to endure the inconvenient symptoms and bear the burden of stress and social stigma associated with some of these diseases.

During the use of the tool, 27% of the patients benefited from changes in the therapeutic attitude early. All this thanks to the greater interaction of the patient with the doctor in charge.

Dra. Elena Sánchez-Largo, Torrejón Hospital

At Legit.Health, we believe that these hard times in the patient's life shouldn't be made harder by the lack of support, the feeling of isolation or powerlessness. That's why we strive to improve our users' life quality in every way at our disposal.

To achieve this purpose, we work closely with patients associations to better understand the user's needs. By doing so we improve the usability and the usefulness of the app, and we also connect the patients with a community that shares this life-changing experience. This kind of contact has proven to improve the effectiveness of the treatments and makes the patient feel accompanied and understood.

Additionally, we understand that turning the patient into a more active participant in the treatment will empower them, increasing the feeling of control and self-management. The app also reduces the burden on the mental health of the user and helps them acquire better habits and improve treatment adherence, thanks to the frequent alerts it generates.

Besides, the patient can use the app remotely, whenever and wherever they want, which enables them to self-manage the process, empowers them and makes them feel more in control over their disease.

3. Helping them learn about their disease

One of the most common complaints by patients affected by skin diseases is that they feel powerless and uninformed. They perceive the lack of both the proper tools and knowledge to tackle their condition to be demeaning, and they have a difficult time understanding the clinical information their doctors provide, especially when it's presented in a complex way.

Here at Legit.Health we work shoulder to shoulder with patient associations and doctors to produce aids for our users: explaining in simple words how their disease works and giving out tips to lessen the more disruptive symptoms such as itching, thus improving their life quality.

We have this kind of material readily available to both our users and the general public, so everyone can benefit from the shared knowledge of our team and the experts we work with.

4. Improving communication between patient and doctor

One of the biggest obstacles for any successful treatment is the difficulty of communicating the necessary information to the patient in an efficient and accessible way.

It is no secret that many doctors have issues explaining the nuances of their situation or treatment to their patients, who often don't understand why some medical decisions are being taken. That sense of confusion and frustration can lead to a loss of confidence in the physician, or even the search for alternative, less effective, unproven therapies.

Legit.Health strives to improve the communication between patient and doctor, making the patient feel understood and in control. Better informed patients make better decisions, take their treatment more seriously and trust their doctor more.

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In conclusion

When we set ourselves to the task of creating the perfect tool to have an impact on our users' quality of life, we did it with both patients and doctors in mind.

We have taken into account patient feedback and will continue to do so in the future as we continue to develop our software in a way that is as convenient for the user as is useful for the doctor.

The main objective is, and will always be, to improve the performance of the doctor and to increase the patient's quality of life.

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