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How does Legit.Health positively impact the well-being of citizens?

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    The Transformative Impact of Our AI-Driven Dermatological Technology on Society and Healthcare

    Since she was little, Andy Aguilar knew that many things were wrong with her skin. And when she needed doctors, she was met with an ordeal.

    She was held back by primary care, and then passed around from specialist to specialist, collecting incorrect diagnosis after incorrect diagnosis and taking the brunt of the consequences of the misguided treatments that came with them as her frustration with her healthcare providers grew. Each new appointment came with its ever-extending waiting period, as her symptoms worsen before her eyes.

    That’s why she founded Legit.Health, based on her experience as a patient, and with first-hand knowledge of how to fix the system and rescue patients.

    Addressing Critical Issues in Access, Timeliness, and Comprehensive Care

    By providing an efficient and highly accurate tool, our technology not only improves patient outcomes but significantly enhances the sustainability and equity of health systems globally. Indeed, our AI technology is not just about offering advanced diagnosis and monitoring capabilities. It’s about transforming the patient experience by improving quality of life, enhancing health outcomes, empowering patients, and improving the overall efficiency of dermatological services. It’s a comprehensive solution designed with a clear focus on patient-centric care.

    Through the continuous tracking and analysis of these KPIs and metrics, we can assess the effectiveness of our AI technology in addressing critical healthcare issues and adjust our strategies as necessary for further improvements.

    Reducing Waiting Time for Consultations

    Traditionally, patients face considerable waiting times for dermatological consultations, with the timeframe often extending to several weeks or even months. Our AI technology is designed to mitigate this issue. With the ability to accurately analyze skin images, it allows for prompt diagnosis and accelerates the medical decision-making process. As a result, patients can begin their treatment much earlier, dramatically reducing the waiting time and overall stress associated with these delays.


    • Average wait time from appointment booking to consultation
    • Average wait time from consultation to diagnosis.
    How does Legit.Health positively impact the well-being of citizens?
    Traditional consultation
    dermatology with artificial intelligence
    With Legit.Health

    Democratizing Care Access in Rural Areas and Among At-risk Collectives

    Access to dermatological care is often a significant challenge for patients living in rural areas and for at-risk collectives. However, our AI technology bridges this divide by offering a platform for remote diagnosis and monitoring. Patients can capture and upload images of their skin conditions from their homes, enabling them to access dermatological care without the need to travel to healthcare facilities. This inclusivity extends the reach of health systems, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their location or societal status, can receive the care they need.


    • Number of rural and at-risk patients using the AI tool
    • Percentage increase in the utilization of dermatological services in rural areas/at-risk collectives.

    Preventing Neglected Conditions from Triggering Other Diseases

    Neglected skin conditions can often lead to other health issues, turning a seemingly simple dermatological problem into a complex medical challenge. Our AI technology encourages proactive healthcare by facilitating the early detection of skin conditions, reducing the chances of neglect. The tool provides an avenue for continuous monitoring of chronic skin diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis. This way, patients and doctors can monitor disease progression and adjust treatment strategies as needed, preventing any unnecessary complications.


    • Reduction in the number of secondary complications arising from neglected skin conditions,
    • Reduction in the progression of chronic skin conditions.

    Early Detection of Skin Cancer for Improved Survival Rates

    Timely diagnosis of skin cancer significantly increases survival rates. Research shows that for each month of delay in diagnosis, there is a 15% decrease in survival rates. Our AI tool employs advanced image recognition capabilities to detect early signs of malignant skin diseases, drastically cutting down diagnosis time. This prompt action allows for earlier intervention and treatment, thereby increasing the chances of survival and reducing patient mortality rates.


    • Increase in early-stage skin cancer detection rates
    • Increase in skin cancer survival rates.

    Filling the Gap in Medical Care in Rural Areas

    Rural areas often face a shortage of dermatological specialists, leading to reduced access to necessary care. Our AI technology effectively addresses this challenge by bringing expert dermatological diagnosis and monitoring to patients’ homes, irrespective of location. With its intuitive interface and robust diagnostic capabilities, our tool empowers patients to play an active role in their healthcare journey, thus expanding the reach of quality medical care in rural areas.


    • Number of rural users of the AI tool
    • Reduction in the number of untreated or late-treated skin cases in rural areas.

    Improving Quality of Life

    Skin conditions, particularly chronic ones, can profoundly impact an individual’s quality of life. Our AI technology is built to alleviate this burden. With the ability to monitor conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis from home, patients can avoid the stress and discomfort associated with regular hospital visits. Moreover, rapid diagnosis enables quicker treatment, providing relief from symptoms and improving overall well-being. Our technology’s remote access capability also saves patients’ time and travel expenses, thereby improving their day-to-day living conditions.


    • Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for skin disease-related quality of life (like the Dermatology Life Quality Index, DLQI).

    Achieving Better Health Outcomes

    The primary goal of any healthcare technology is to improve health outcomes, and our AI tool excels in this regard. By offering an avenue for early detection of malignant skin diseases, it facilitates prompt intervention, increasing the chances of successful treatment. In chronic conditions, the AI aids in consistent monitoring and helps physicians make informed decisions on treatment adjustments, resulting in more effective disease management. This proactive and personalized approach leads to significantly better health outcomes and reduced complication rates.


    • Reduction in complication rates
    • Improved disease management as measured by the reduction in symptom severity or disease progression
    • Patient recovery rates.

    Increasing Autonomy and Control of Patients

    Our AI technology empowers patients to play an active role in their healthcare journey. By providing them with the tools to capture and upload images of their skin conditions, patients become integral participants in their own diagnosis process. They can monitor their condition in real-time, which gives them a sense of control and autonomy over their health. The tool’s user-friendly interface and the ability to provide immediate feedback foster a sense of ownership and enhance patient engagement in their care.


    • Patient engagement metrics such as the frequency of use of the AI tool
    • Patient satisfaction rates
    • Patient-reported measure of perceived control over their health
    Results from the study at the Torrejon Hospital in Madrid (2021)

    Reducing the Waiting Lists

    Waiting lists for dermatological consultations can often be lengthy, posing significant delays to treatment. Our AI technology dramatically reduces these waiting times by providing immediate and accurate diagnoses based on image recognition. By bypassing the need for in-person consultation for diagnosis, it allows for a faster turnaround from symptom onset to treatment initiation. This efficiency not only reduces waiting lists but also frees up dermatologists to handle more complex cases, leading to an overall more efficient healthcare system.


    • Reduction in the number of patients on waiting lists for dermatological consultations
    • Reduction in the average time patients spend on waiting lists.


    Andy founded Legit.Health, based on her experience as a patient, with the idea that the use of her application would allow patients to have greater autonomy to report images with relevant clinical data for their doctors, as well as resources that will empower them by providing them with information and training on their pathology and its management, and the generation of a community in which they will feel accompanied and supported, impacting their quality of life.

    Furthermore, the use of the Legit Health application, an artificial intelligence tool with image recognition, will allow early diagnosis of malignant diseases and will facilitate the monitoring of the evolution of chronic skin diseases, speeding up clinical decision-making at every opportune moment. to offer the best assistance to their patients, improving the efficiency of the health system.