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Ship2B Foundation

The Ship2B Foundation, which awards initiatives with social impact, gives Legit.Health its highest award

After a rigurous selection process, the Spanish project becomes one of the few to be recognized with this honour

As every year the Ship2B Foundation has recognized, with the seal of social enterprise impact, different startups and companies that develop innovations in the area of health. Among them is Legit.Health, an application capable of detecting skin cancer through a simple photograph taken with a mobile phone. The aim is to create a space to promote technological innovations that help to improve the health and quality of life of people.

This pioneering technology, already in use in several hospitals such as the Torrejón University Hospital in Madrid, is presented as a tool that uses artificial intelligence to improve the lives of doctors and patients, thus creating a better healthcare community. As Andy Aguilar, CEO of Legit.Health, and patient with several skin diseases says: “We use artificial intelligence with the aim of helping the doctor to perform tasks that can be automated so that he can focus on what is more important: the patient”.

Do you want to see the clinical A.I. technology in action?

The creators of this application are 4 young people with chronic dermatological pathologies. Therefore, they have created the first tool capable of providing doctors with the necessary tools to help them help their patients. The Ship2B Foundation states that this mark recognizes companies that, like Legit.Health, persistently pursues an improvement in health and social welfare. And they seek to respond to current health issues by providing doctors with the tools they need to diagnose diseases that affect millions of people.

An innovative technology in Spain that has a system capable of assisting doctors in the diagnosis and indicating the severity of the patient with respect to their pathology. Just by filling in, automatically, and with millimetric precision, the tedious measurement scales. Relieving health professionals by providing them with valuable information to make the right decision.

Telemedicine with Legit.Health

Legit.Health is a tool that allows both the doctor and the patient to get to the information in a very safe and quick way. It can be accessible at anytime from any device and there is no need to install anything. We made it incredibly easy-to-use.”

Behind the team that runs Legit.Health, there is clear intentionality to respond to social challenges or problems. As Taig Mac Carthy, Co-founder of Legit.Health, says: “Our mission is to help doctors help their patients, the health system is oversaturated and doctors have more work than they can handle. What we’re doing is using technology to make that workload more accessible and help them treat their patients better“.

The objectives pursued by the entities recognized with the Ship2B seal are among the following: to solve a social problem with a focus on the patient, to be economically sustainable, and to make the proposed solution reach the greatest number of people and Hospitals.

Do you want to see the clinical A.I. technology in action?

About Ship2B Foundation

Its mission is to promote the impact economy, translated as an economic model where the main goal of this organization is not only to maximize their economic profitability but also their social and environmental impact.

Ship2B was founded in 2013 with the aim of creating an ecosystem of impact, formed by startups, companies, investors and organizations, that responds to the greatest social and environmental challenges of society. Its goal is to select the best technology startup that has a high social and environmental impact in order to accelerate its growth.

A pioneering technology

Legit.Health is a communication tool between doctors and patients that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to help diagnose and monitor visible skin diseases. A platform, which is not only able to recognize what type of pathology appears in the photograph and help diagnose it, but also identify the degree of severity it has and track it.

The algorithms designed by Legit.Health are able to score automatically, and through a simple photograph, most medical grading systems such as PASI, SCORAD, UAS, GAGS and many more dermatological grading systems. This adds a layer of objectivity that was impossible until now.

This tool has managed to create a technology that adapts to the real-life situations of doctors and patients by helping healthcare professionals streamline their work, automating routine and administrative tasks to help them focus on what’s most important: their patients.

In short, a platform capable of making a clinical diagnosis and an estimate of the severity of the pathologies with the same objective, to assist doctors in the diagnosis and indicate how serious the patient’s pathology is.

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The Ship2B Foundation, which awards initiatives with social impact, gives Legit.Health its highest award